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Established with a vision to revolutionize traditional cooking methods in Nepal, Matribhumi Urja stands at the forefront of innovative bio-mass mud stove technology. Our diverse range encompasses everything from small household stoves to large institutional ICS, catering to a wide spectrum of industries including paper processing, dairy, school canteens, military mess, gumbas, and temples. 

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our unique 'Matribhumi Air Supply Disc Burner (ASDB)', a patented product that has been exhaustively tested at the Renewable Energy Testing Station (RETS). It introduces an ingenious method of air supply from bottom to top, diverging from the conventional stoves which rely on air supply via the firewood inserting portion. This innovation sets us apart, ensuring our stoves are not only the most efficient but also the most environmentally friendly. With up to 60% firewood savings, high thermal efficiency, and drastically reduced indoor pollutants, our mud stoves are designed to make a significant impact. 

Despite technological advancements, an overwhelming 77% of households in Nepal still rely on traditional biomass energy, primarily firewood, for their cooking needs. The repercussions of such widespread reliance are grave, with indoor air pollution ranking as the 4th major cause of deaths in poor and developing countries. In Nepal alone, around 7,500 individuals lose their lives annually to ailments stemming from smoke in kitchens, a toll equivalent to the devastating earthquake of 2015.

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The Visionary Behind Matribhumi Urja

From the scenic terrains of Pyuthan, Nepal, emerges a man with a dream, a passion, and an unyielding commitment to change – Mr. Madhukar KC. He isn't just the founder of Matribhumi Urja, but the very heart and soul that powers its vision.

For Mr. KC, the journey began years ago, when he first identified the deeply-rooted challenges associated with traditional biomass stoves. The harmful emissions, the inefficiencies, and the devastating health implications were not just statistics for him; they were a call to action.

Investing countless hours into research, development, and innovation, Mr. KC personally engineered solutions to these age-old problems. His invention, the 'Matribhumi Air Supply Disc Burner (ASDB)', wasn't a mere product but a revolution in itself. A testament to his genius, dedication, and unwavering belief in a better future for Nepal's households.

His roots in Pyuthan served as a constant reminder of the importance of local community, tradition, and the necessity for sustainable progress. It was this blend of honoring tradition while fearlessly innovating that allowed Matribhumi Urja to stand out.

Today, as we recognize the impact Matribhumi Urja has made, we must also pay tribute to the relentless spirit and determination of Mr. Madhukar KC. A true son of Pyuthan, and an undeniable force in Nepal's march towards a cleaner and more efficient future.

Mr. Madhukar KC 

(Founder & Researcher)

Our Team

Madhukar KC

(Founder & Researcher)

Keshav KC


Ramchandra Timalsina

(Lead Technician)

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